Why Did the Potatoes Cross the Road?

Whenever I have time to explore vintage stores, I head straight for the postcard and ephemera collections. I look for anything "Idaho" or Boiseana.

Some of the best treasures I've found have been in vintage stores in other states.

The postcard above came from an antique store Clovis, California.

It's so wrong...and yet, so right? I love everything about it.

  • "Idaho Traffic Jam"
  • Horrible illustrations
  • Idaho potatoes do not grow in the forest
  • Why do those potatoes have hairy legs?
  • Why are two of the potatoes wearing high heels?
  • That car!

This post card was never mailed, and there is no year on the back of the card. Only this description:

IDAHO - Land of the Famous Idaho Potato, world famous for their flavor. Idaho's high-elevation climate and sandy volcanic soil grows them BIG.

Here's another fun postcard I found. This one came from a shop in Wallace, Idaho.

You might recognize the Boise Travelodge as today's Modern Hotel on Grove Street. 

No year on the card for reference. They had "refrigerated air conditioning," a heated pool and free TV to lure customers.

Did you know that a person who collects postcards is a "deltiologist?" 


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