Where Did the Time Go?

I'm writing this on my oldest son's birthday. Jaron is 33 as of today. Our youngest is 10, so you can see what a time span I've had with kids. I bring up HIS age because he was just 6-months old when I moved to Boise. (He is now married, and lives and works in D.C.) And, I know I've been waxing nostalgic in previous blogs, but, looking back at what has occurred in Boise since he and I moved here is mind-boggling! 

For example, it was a year after moving here that they put down the blue turf at BSU. I can remember all the bad jokes I made on-air back then about ducks crash landing into what they thought was a pond. Three years prior to our arrival, the BSU Pavilion (now Taco Bell Arena) opened. The World Center for Birds of Prey started up, the funeral for the incredible Senator Frank Church took place, plus, the opening of the LDS Temple on Cole Road near I-84 all happened in '84. Boise Hawks Memorial Stadium, Boise Towne Square, and the Discovery Center were all opened by '89. And, then, there was the Eastman Building fire in '87, leaving a hole at 8th and Main for years to come, and becoming the butt of many jokes. All this before Jaron even turned 5.

Its amazing to me how much older Jaron is now, as it is amazing how much Boise has changed over the years. Evidently, I moved here just as things were really starting to boom. I can still remember my former boss flying me here for the job interview, and how blown away I was by the beauty of Boise, and how quickly I fell in love with it. It was love at first sight, and the love has gotten better with age. (This is true with my wife, Michelle, also.) I just wish the kids wouldn't grow older as quickly as they have...and do. Well, at least, I haven't aged. Much.

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