Western Idaho Fair Round 1

I love the Western Idaho Fair. The food, the animals, the games, the exhibits, the entertainment.

Here is a sampling of the entertainment from my visit Monday. I will attend again later in the week to see all the things I didn't have time to see yesterday.

The photo above is from the Splash Dogs pool and arena in the southwest corner of the fairgrounds. Shows are free and if you are close to the water, you will get splashed as the pups leap after toys throw into the pool.

Plush prizes on the Midway include Pooh-bear teddies, Rick and Morty, ponies, unicorns and cute monsters.

The llama is one of the fair mascots. Available for hugs and high-fives.

The Butler Amusements roller Coaster was closed for repairs. The company brings their own machine shop-on-wheels to make any needed parts.

The interactive animal exhibit is one of my favorites. You can purchase grain to feed water buffalo, cebu, sheep and goats. The goats will chew on anything they can reach. This one was nibbling on my skirt.

And no words for this comedy act. I mean that literally.