Volcanoes, Fake Horses and Bigfoot

I see in Twitterland that Bigfoot has been trending. The reason is so weird I can't even repeat it (click here if you really want to know), but it reminded me of our encounter with the creature just outside Eugene during our road trip earlier this month, along with some other images I wanted to share.

Bigfoot may have been REAL, but these horses were not. Art installation outside Bend, Oregon. 

A family of towers. 

Forest fire scars. A solemn feeling in this canyon.

The towering mountains, some still with snow in July, are really volcanoes. They haven't erupted in eons, but technically aren't dead.

Except for the one below that's been declared extinct. The Malheur Butte between Ontario and Vale.

Just beyond Vale, there is a sleeping giant. Do you see him?