Unexpected January Flowers

The unusually warm day yesterday (Jan. 30, 59 degrees) coaxed these tiny flowers into bloom. The plant is called blue star creeper, Isotoma fluviatilis. It's marketed as a perennial groundcover and one that can take some light traffic, so it does nicely between stepping stones.

Generally, it stays greenish throughout the winter when not buried under the snow. The blooming sections are in a protected area against the house, facing south, so that microclimate was well above 60 degrees yesterday. Still. I was surprised to see flowers!

Other perennials coming to life - violets, seen above. They are early-bloomers so I hope there are flowers in late February.

And I'm sure if you have bulbs, you've noticed they are awake. Daffodils are among the earliest bulbs to emerge. Watch for hyacinth and crocus, too.

The warmer weather has many worried about their plants waking up too early. Most are resilient and can survive if we get some freezing streaks again. Some fruit trees could be at risk, though.

What's coming to life in your landscape?


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