Time to Tame the Tomatoes

The tomatoes became unruly while I was out of town. Without me guiding them inside the cages, they chose to branch out over the yard. 

These are sun gold cherry tomatoes. The plants are indeterminate, which means they will keep growing and producing tomatoes until the plants are killed by frost. I have 7-foot-tall tomato cages. They will reach the top by next month if I get them back inside the cages.

Garden centers sell special products to tie tomatoes and other plants to cages and trellises. Some people use strips of fabric, or twist ties - all kinds of things can work. I like pipe cleaners. Packages of 45 can be found at the dollar store.

Here they are all tied up and headed back into the cages.

And another tour of the wild situation that developed in a week. 

Perhaps you noticed the ironing boards in the background? That's a story for another day.