Things Are Changing

I was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, but, I've just realized that I've spent more years here in Boise than in my home state...and I left there when I was a young adult. I used to think of it as going home when I would fly back to Nashville and visit my parents. Then, one time, as I was flying back to Boise, I thought to myself, "I'm going home." That's when I realized I'd truly found a real home here.

Since that day, the disappearance of establishments in my new home has affected me, while I have no idea what's going on in Nashville anymore. I miss places like the drive-in-movie theatres and the regular cinema at Fairview and Maple Grove. Remember those? I also miss when the The Egyptian used to be a full-fledged movie palace.  I miss the Book Shop on Main. The downtown Bon. The list goes on.

Then, there's the changes in restaurants over the years. That's one reason I went to The Capri finally, is because its been here for quite awhile, and when things have been here for quite awhile, there's the growing danger that they'll someday change or simply leave. 

Such is the case with Burger Time on closed. And, my haven for pies, Marie Callenders is closing. They opened in 1983, two years before I moved here, and...they've just always been there as far as I knew. Bye-bye, Marie Callenders pie. Is it a sign of getting older that things changing (as long as its not a mole) affects you more? Or am I just lamenting the loss of pie?

But, wait! there's a new pie shop in town: Boise Pie Shop on Orchard! Can I be here long enough, and they be here long enough, for this to become a Boise staple to me...and us? Maybe. If so, maybe I can better deal with change. As the famous saying goes,"the more things change, the more they stay the same." Maybe that is true. Especially if there's pie!

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