Stop the Car! Christmas in July

While driving along the McKenzie Highway (Highway 126 east of Eugene) in Oregon last week, what is this? A Christmas store in the forest? 

You bet I made my husband pull over. My daughter said it was a trap and we would be murdered. Why is Santa's face in the sign green? The parking lot was empty. 

Giant Santas, snowmen and nutcrackers outside.

Inside, the store really is filled with Christmas treasures. Fully stocked trees, lights, scented candles, holiday mugs. And if you know me, you know I collect nutcrackers. I wanted every one. 

These were handmade in the USA or Germany and the least expensive one was around $100. Some were $1,200. I will tell Santa they are on my Christmas list.

A fun stop to stretch the legs, and we made it out alive and without spending thousands of dollars. Except when we were leaving, we noticed this... 

Is that a friendly face?