Seattle's International District

Last weekend, we were in Tacoma for the Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show. Arriving a day early, Thursday, meant an adventure in Seattle's Chinatown/International District.

It's an easy trip on light rail from the airport. Destination: Uwajimaya, an Asian market. Stationery, books, gifts, groceries, housewares and a food court.

Flip books! I hadn't played with those since I was a kiddo.

Produce varieties we don't see in Boise. Dragon fruit and garlic stems with flowers.

Tanks of live fish, clams and Dungeness crabs.

The geoduck was fun. My teen daughter was a bit shocked at, well, YOU KNOW.

Rows and rows of ramen and snacks that I wasn't brave enough to try. And all kinds of delicious in the food court, including fresh-out-of-the oven cream puffs.