Retro Temptation: You've Got Mail!

I thought I heard that AOL vintage voice while in the Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Store downtown Boise yesterday. "You've Got Mail."

Tracked it down to the kitchen section on this novelty magnet. Push the keyboard and it talks.

Only $1.39.


I pressed the button a few more times. It fed my '90s brain. A phrase that still makes me happy. Someone likes me!

Only $1.39.

It has itty-bitty floppy discs on top of the monitor AND a cup of coffee.

I pressed the button again and took a video. I want all my '90s peeps to share my happiness.

Only $1.39

I looked up and, woah. On the shelf right next to the display was a unicorn. A familiar unicorn figurine. I have one just like in one of my fairy gardens. A long-lost twin!

$1.39. Same price.

Welcome home little unicorn!


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