Raptors on the Radio

I was over the moon today to meet Oliver. He's a milky eagle owl that I've been watching on social media since he was a tiny fluffball with bright pink eyelids. My, how he has grown.

Erin Katzner and Ellen DeAngelis with the World Center for Birds of Prey brought Oliver to the studio this morning. He makes the sweetest little cooing noises and he is extremely curious. 

The special event Erin mentions in the video is Nocturne Auction, September 6th at the Center. Purchase tickets at this link. Dozens of artists generously created and donated raptor art for the fundraiser. 

One of those artists is Ellen DeAngelis. She's holding Oliver. She also did the condor installation at The Record Exchange a couple of years ago.

Bob the American Kestrel also hung out with us this morning. 

Bob is tiny compared to Oliver, although this perspective makes him look like the big guy. He probably appreciates that.