PSL Season and a Bracelet for the Cup

I wasn't going to take dive into pumpkin spice latte season until closer to fall, but I HAD to go to Starbucks for a home coffee supply errand, so....

It was an opportunity to not only taste the fall tradition, but to use my exclusive Leaf Rakers Society decorative band for the cup.


The Leaf Rakers Society is a private Facebook group created by Starbucks to encourage the love of everything pumpkin and autumn. The cup bracelet printout was offered as a download. Print, cut and tape it on the cup. Yeah. It's silly. Yeah. I love it!

And now for some honesty. I hadn't had a PSL for years. The last time I tried one, it was an overly sugary beverage that I couldn't finish. The one I had last night was perfect. I ordered it with one pump of flavoring and no whipped cream or candied topping. The flavor was a level complement to the espresso for my tastes. I will be back for more, and have already printed out more cup necklaces to celebrate.