Key to School History

The security manager for our offices here at 94.9 the River knows I love Boise history.

He gave me this relic. It's a key to the old West Junior High School building - the one that was Art-Deco-ish...and torn down about ten years ago after a new building was completed.

I dug through my photo collection at and found a couple of images of the building.

I thought it was architecturally interesting. But those who make the decisions to tear buildings down decided it wasn't architecturally interesting enough.

Below is a window peep shot I took after the school was emptied in 2008. There's a message on the chalkboard! about NO GAMES OR PICTURES. A former student told me that room was the computer lab. No playing games on those computers.

More photos of the building and its history at the Idaho Architecture Project.


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