Itty Bitty Love that's Big

It should be no surprise that with my love of miniature gardens comes a love of all things miniature.

Here's a peep at my itty bitty shelves of little things.

The "shelves" are really an old printing shop drawer that used to be filled with metal pieces of type that were manually set into trays - and then used to print everything. Books. Newspapers. Flyers. When I purchased the drawer, there were still a couple of pieces of type wedged into the cracks.

Some of the minis here came from discarded toys as my kiddo grew up. Other items came from yard sales and many have been gifts.

These are miniature doll houses. Turn them around and see that they're filled with micro-sized furniture and...a dollhouse, with even smaller things inside. It probably never ends. I'm too near-sighted to tell.

Why are miniature things so treasured? There are Instagrammers with millions of followers who take photos the super small, or do videos of miniature cooking - in little stoves heated with tea lights.

One mental health expert suggests our love of little things is because we like control. Another thought - it's a backlash against our supersized world.

My take is that the world of miniature is a way to re-visit the joys of childhood.


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