Idaho's Newest Giant Potato Hits the Road

The giant Idaho potato that travels the country is a pop culture crowd pleaser. And it has a new look as it hits the road tomorrow for this year's Famous Idaho Potato Tour.

The fiberglass fake Russet Burbank, and YES people ask if it is real, was created by Chris and Sharolyn Schofield in Weiser. This is the fourth enormous potato they've made. They made the first traveling russet, two versions of the potato that drops on New Year's Eve, and this new one for the Idaho Potato Commission.

The new potato is two tons lighter than the old one that went on tour, and a bit thinner for easier navigation.

Inside are storage shelves, lockers, a big Spuddy Buddy and a changing room for the crew. It's like a studio apartment in there!

Closeup of the exterior texturing work.

Fun to crawl around inside the potato and the truck cab, especially for the kiddos.