Idaho Pinball Championship Report

We Have a Winner!

First, the big news. The 2018 Idaho State Pinball Champion is Chad Becker. He will go to nationals in Las Vegas in March. Second place was Gerry Eismann, left in the photo above, also a VERY good and competitive player.

The top 16 players in Idaho competed for the title. There were six different machines to use in the 'best of seven' series. My little family all made the cut this year. My daughter Aviana won last year at age 15. This year - she placed 5th.

For the first round, I competed against her. We were tied at 2 games each until she finished me off. I think I made her a little nervous. She was mad at me for a while. Later, she had to compete against her dad, and he lost to her, too!

One of the competitors came to Boise from Durango, Colo., for the tournament. He has family here in Boise and competed in tournaments last summer to earn a play-off spot.

Since the tournament was held in a remote location in Kuna, it was a potluck party. Zack Rowland, with The City Peanut Shop, brought snacks from work. I brought bananas and he was wardrobe-coordinated.

All ages are welcome to play in local tournaments throughout the year. We love to teach you how to play - all the tricks or nudging, rule sets and avoiding a TILT. Tournaments are held at businesses and private locations. Some are social events, and some are counted for national rankings. Stay up-to-date on tournaments by following Treasure Valley Pinball on Facebook.

Oh, and where did I place in the tournament? 12th!


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