Idaho Pinball Championship Games This Weekend

Wish me Luck!

Saturday., Jan. 20, is the Idaho State Pinball Championship competition.

The top 16 ranked players in Idaho will compete for cash and a mantle-worthy trophy. About 130 people played in tournaments around the valley through 2017 to earn points with the International Flipper Pinball Association. That's how the players are selected for the finals.

Last year, my daughter surprised everyone and won. 

She made finals this year, too, as did I, and my husband - who is ranked #1. For this year's tournament, there are several family connections. Two brothers are in the final 16. And two fathers and sons.

6 On Your Side/Fox 9's Michael Sevren interviewed my daughter and I about it all this week, and then we gave him some pinball lessons. He did really well! 

BTW, I'm ranked 15th in the state. For the first match, my daughter and I will face off. She's ranked third. 


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