Hornets at the Front Door

A couple of weeks ago, I found a bald-faced hornet in the house. We've lived in our home for 17 years and I've never seen a bald-faced hornet in the yard, let alone the house. It was escorted outside. Last week, I noticed they are making our house their home by building a starter nest outside the front door.

It's made of mud and hornet spit. Eventually, it might look like a paper wasp nest. We usually have one of those in our maple tree each summer. It's cool to watch the wasps adding layers. From a distance, of course.

No need to panic. If there isn't any danger to you, leave the nest until fall. All the wasps and hornets die then, except the queen, and she moves out. 

No one home when the leaves fall. Back to the bald-faced hornet, which isn't a true hornet, by the way. Here's the one that was in the house. 

A closer look at the thorax. 

Do you see that robot-skeleton face with glowing eyes?