Heads Up! Prepare to Gargle!

A health research journal just recently stated that gargling is a great way to help protect you from the flu, especially with black or green tea. Also, gargling with warm salt water helps sore throats. Of course, gargling mouthwash can provide other benefits, too.

Little did I know that not everyone knows how to gargle. Some have scoffed. Others have been incredulous. " You actually gargle?" they say while slowly edging away.

I've done it ever since I was a kid, which could also explain why I can yodel and do a mean Tarzan yell. I provide our kids with entertainment when I gargle, because I also pick that time to stretch, circle my arms around to loosen up, and vocally go up and down the scale simultaneously. For some reason that amuses them. Hunh. Go figure. I also like the taste of mouthwash...also baffling to many.

Anyway, if you're not one with the gargle, you need to learn this highly sought-after skill. I've provided a convenient link so you can practice and learn this unique party trick, or maybe just help yourself stay a bit healthier. Just remember...rinse...spit...and don't swallow!  Gargle 101



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