Habanero Pizza Season at Flying Pie

Taste-testing time for the 2018 habanero pizza season at Flying Pie Pizzaria. The official season opens Monday, July 2nd.

Die-hard fans gathered at the Fairview location this week to see just how hot this year's habanero peppers are. Pizzas are categorized by how thick the peppers are layered on the pizzas. Single, double, triple and new this year: Quad. Which isn't just four times the peppers, but the pizza is drizzled with a house-made ghost pepper sauce, too.

This guy was prepared. He put on a sweat band before taking his first bite.

If you've heard the rumors that you have to sign a waiver before you eat the pizza, it's true. Even if you have it delivered.

Just about everyone in attendance went straight for the "Quad" version. Silence as they began eating, then you could hear the sniffling. Flying Pie promised to put tissues on the tables next year to catch the teardrops. Grown men were crying, but they insisted they were tears of joy.

It's definitely a guy thing. Besides myself and Dylan Ayer, who does mornings at J105 - there was only one other woman there.

Milk and ice cream was provided to soothe the pepper fire.

So how hot are the pizzas? I only sampled the single. Hey, I KNOW my limits. I found the habaneros to have a fruity-citrus flavor with a smoky overtone. These early-season peppers may not be as hot as the ones available later in the season. Mild lip-burning at the single level and absolutely delicious!