Dreams Do Come True

I got to sit in the Wienermobile

I love kitsch, so when I discovered the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile was in Boise, I had to get a tour.

The Wienermobile is appearing at Albertsons stores, where you can get free hot dogs along with Wienermobile swag and Oscar Mayer coupons. [Scroll down for the schedule]

"Tony Bologna" gave me the Wienermobile tour. It's plush inside.

Hotdoggers Tony and Hayley began their Wienermobile tour five weeks ago. They signed up to do this for a year, mainly on the West Coast. Hotdoggers have to be recent college graduates and be ready to serve up hot dog puns and buns.

The Wienermobile has changed a lot over the years. 

Visit the Wienermobile and receive the latest edition of the "wiener whistle." They even have sheet music to help your garage band rock out. Or, bring some musical instruments and everyone can sing along.

Wienermobile fun today (7/27) at Albertsons on Broadway, 10 am-4pm

  • 7/28: Albertsons on Vista, 10-4
  • 7/29: Albertsons on Federal Way, 10-4

P.S. I REALLY wanted to sit behind the wheel of the Wienermobile, but that's against the rules. Which made me want it more, but alas

P.S.S. "Wiener" is a word I have a hard time spelling correctly because I'm from Weiser. Same vowel sound, different "i" "e" position