Cold Brew Coffee DIY

Coffee is the refrigerator.

Cold brew coffee is the darling of coffee shops right now. It's different than iced coffee, which is hot coffee poured over ice. This coffee is brewed with cold water and is often a concentrate. It's also pricey. $4-5 dollars. 

So, we make it at home. A wide-mouth, large mason jar is perfect for brewing.

Some recipes call for using a coarse grind. I did that for a few brews, and if you are filtering the coffee with a strainer (that's what some recipes recommend), that is the grind you want. The coarse grind may also mean less bitter brew. I've compared the two and didn't find a difference. Both were smooth. You could even use a French press in the refrigerator and coarse ground coffee.

I dip into my regular fine ground coffee. Costco brand espresso roasted by Starbucks. Did you know that Starbucks will grind this whole bean coffee for you even though you purchased it at Costco? We appreciate that service.

1/2 cup of ground coffee

about 3 1/2 cups of filtered water.

Stir and refrigerate for about 12 hours

Scoop the thick brew into a regular coffee filter in a coffee maker to filter. Pro tip: Don't just dump the whole thing into the filter. It's blobby and will splash and make a big mess, and possibly spill over the edge of the filter.

Don't turn the machine on, just let gravity do its thing.

If you want to get really fancy, this cold brew recipe suggests straining the coffee through sheets of muslin.

Refrigerate the brewed coffee and use it in a couple of days. Serve over ice with a big drizzle of 1/2 and 1/2. Yum.

Oh, and this isn't new. I remember owning a cold brew system in the late '80s similar to this one, available at Amazon. I used to put the concentrate into ice cube trays and make coffee milkshakes with them. I never thought to drink it without the ice cube step.