Coffee Shark Lurks in the Kitchen

Meet our family coffee shark.

He's been with us for 15? years now, except for a hiatus when he disappeared for several months.

Coffee shark spent that time at the bottom of a laundry hamper. We're guessing the relocation was courtesy of our toddler daughter.

The mini stuffed animal is such a common part of our lives at home, that we forget not everyone has a coffee shark.

I was reminded when we had guests over to play pinball two weeks ago and they wondered, "why?"

Here's the explanation. This shark was a toy in a Wendy's Kids' Meal to promote an Animal Planet Series, 2002-2003.

There's a clip inside the mouth, so he can "bite" you. Hilarious fun for a toddler!

So, how did he end up living on the coffee maker?

My husband and I had been putting sticky notes on the coffee maker to let each other know if water and coffee had already been loaded. Ready to brew!

We ran out of sticky notes, and the shark was handy. So he became the new indicator that the coffee is ready. Just flip the switch. 

Want one of your own? I found one for sale on eBay.

The Animal Planet Series also offered a frog [which we used as a backup when the shark disappeared for a while], and a lion and maybe more?


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