CDC Changes Mind About Nuke Attack Seminar

You guys, I was going to blog today about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention webinar tomorrow (Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018) about surviving a nuclear attack. 

How interesting that the CDC changed the topic suddenly. Instead, it will be all about influenza. [Webinar link here]

I'm guessing this change was made in light of the nuclear attack scare in Hawai'i over the weekend? Of course, the flu season IS bad, so we need updates on that situation, too.

Well, I'm sticking to my plan, especially because of what happened in Hawai'i.

I remember being taught in science classes in high school ('80s) that if you didn't die in the strike zone, you could lessen some of the radiation exposure by hiding under a black plastic trash bag.

The memories are hazy. I thought I could forget it all.

I used to carry an 14-pack of potassium iodide tablets. 

Here we are today. I BELIEVED there was going to a strike on Hawai'i because of today's realities.

I even went to Amazon to look up ordering the tablets before taking a deep breath.

So I will share a couple of things here today for perspective on the fear of growing up during the Cold War. I'm interested in your shared experiences, please add those in the comments.

First, the panic was based on real-life events during the '80s. Here's what happened. 


Practical information here:



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