Boise Airport: Behind the Scenes

Secret Passages and Hidden Restrooms

Happy New Year!

I spent the afternoon on New Year Day  "undecorating" the Boise Airport.

In November, I helped put up the decorations. Wreaths, what seemed like a million miles of garland and two Christmas trees.

The experience was interesting not just for holiday cheer. I learned a lot about the facility and operations...and secret passages!

I didn't know there was a giant basement. With doors that can only be opened for a few seconds at a time for security reasons. 

The basement is where the holiday decorations are stored. There is a room dedicated to seasonal displays.

Even if you are working at the airport and have been cleared by TSA to do so, you still have to go through the security screening when accessing the checked passenger area.

If you remember the concourse we used while construction was going on for the last airport expansion, that concourse is still there. It's used for temporary storage, and collecting dust.

Need a bathroom that's not busy? Head up to the third floor [non-security side]. Just past the conference room, there are public restrooms. On the patio outside the conference room, there's a gas grill.

If you are interested in airport history, stay on the third floor. There are photos on the walls of the halls showing the evolution of the facility, including military history. Near the atrium, model airplanes of all the types of aircraft that use the airfield are in display boxes.

The photo with this post is dated 1947. But the original Boise airfield in the 1920s was along the river, in a gravel bed that is now the Boise State University Campus.

Also on display on the third floor are military and airport uniforms.

The airline that's been serving Boise the longest? United Airlines. Service began in 1926 [under the name Varney Air].


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