Basil Harvest Preservation

The basil is happy in the garden, so time to save some for the rest of the year. There are many methods for saving basil. Pesto - frozen or canned, although there is controversy about canning pesto at home. Three freezer options, including one to save the whole leaves, at this link.

I prefer to dry it. A dehydrator can be used, or oven at low temp. I hang mine to dry.

Supplies: string [I found this giant spool of string at a thrift store], scissors, a hanger and basil.

I lightly spritz the basil with water and let it dry on paper towels. Others may want a more thorough wash and dry in a salad spinner. Tie the stems, weaving the string through the branches to secure it. As it dries, it shrinks, so the extra fortification keeps it from falling on the floor.

I tie the bunches to an old wire hanger and let them hang in my kitchen. They make a fun conversation piece when friends come over...and look at it suspiciously.