Jessica Kaufman

As the daughter of a career media professional, I grew up in radio and television stations witnessing what works and doesn't work in advertising. Some of my earliest memories are being in the booth with my dad at Real Radio in Orlando and going to promotions all around central Florida that paved the way for his thirty year career in media sales. I grew up listening to client calls, hearing stories of his appointments, and recording commercials so he could help new businesses meet their advertising needs. You could definitely say advertising is in my blood.
As a former small business owner with a limited advertising budget, I learned firsthand the challenges of finding advertising that works. These experiences drive my passion for providing business owners with creative, innovative advertising solutions that will meet their needs and increase their success. 
I come equipped with over thirteen years of sales experience and a history of doing whatever it takes to meet my client's needs. I'm inventive, creative, strategic, and, as a former small business owner, empathetic to the needs of my clients. I don't think of my clients as clients, I think of them as my partners and my friends. I do my very best to understand their wants and needs, and I provide strategic solutions designed to exceed their expectations. I don't just sell advertising. I'm dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service in the industry. Trust me to expand your internet and radio presence and put together a campaign that works!


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