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Roxx's Session Chatter

Lifehouse, April 23, 2010

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Lifehouse stopped in for an in-studio, and we were all so pleased! It's on of the few bands who stopped to ask what we were doing, and how...and then they were so impressed and appreciative! "Really? You mix this LIVE, right now, on the air?! That's SO COOL!" It made the engineer and I grin huge, we're sometimes validating the why/what/how orfwhat we do to big touring bands. Lifehouse GOT IT.

Our promotions director, Kristine, told them I was the "mad chemist," mixing this live, then remixing and editing at home for on-air and video play. I don't mind that title, I've been called much worse. Also, it was during this performance that I saw a non-stop smile on Kristine's face that made me smile. We all have such respect for Lifehouse.

"Being on the road makes me feel like I'm 40." This being said from someone of 30, who had been on the road since 19. Jason Wade gave us a great interview, talking before we went on about performing on the Rock Boat. They played in a atrium because it started raining, the only dry spot was under a small roof by the elevators and it was pouring rain. Also the ship made them all very dizzy, he said at one point he went to step on his distortion pedal during a song, and nearly fell over!

He turned his cell off,  joking about the time he forgot to and was in the middle of a live interview with Ryan Seacrest! Jason's wife had called him, he actually answered the phone and Ryan could hear her voice and asked who it was. Jason has learned since to not mix phone calls with live interviews.

*One of the best interview questions I've heard yet*

Tim: "What would the old you, say to the young you...when you first started this band?"

Jason: "Slow down, be present, and absorb the moments in life that are happening."

I love it when we get a beautiful performer in, and you realize right away they are so much more than good looks. Within minutes, I noticed that Jason is different. His way of words are very visual, and that makes for a great writer. When asked about playing in a signed band at the age of 19, he said "our label really threw us all in the deep end." He also described the band at that time, as "lightning in a bottle." He did a comparison to their first album of success, to the one they recorded themselves. They spent a ton of money, hours of recording, and the album did not do nearly as well as the first. About this, he says, "It's not the Indian, it's the bow."

After touring for so long, their bass player and guitarist quit Lifehouse. The singer and drummer remained, discussing whether they should stay or call it quits-then Geffen called and made them a sweet record deal and they reformed! Jason says they usually support a new album with 2 1/2 years of touring per album. Can you imagine?

Jason was very real, humble, and songwriting is truly his passion. "I'd write a song a day if I could. Not all of them would be good," he jokes. He writes his songs on piano, and encourages other writers to write on an instrument they are not familiar with. Other advice for songwriters, is, "drop what you're doing and follow THROUGH with it." He says never to wait and go back to a song later

Check out the newest release from Lifehouse, it's called "Smoke and Mirrors."


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