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Roxx's Session Chatter

V V Brown, April 7, 2010

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Once again, we were spoiled to have a great artist appear EXCLUSIVELY on our station. V V Brown had no other media appearances, not even a club show in town. I bugged Tim for weeks about this woman, once he hinted she may be traveling through town. He had all but given up, but I asked him again and he said he'd send "one more email." Thank goodness he did, even amongst travel problems, she made it live to the Moxie Java Listener Lounge!

V V Brown is sweet, humble, and unassuming. In the UK she is very popular. Her album has been out in Europe for months, reaching #1 on the French Charts. This cd, "Traveling Like the Light," will be released in U.S. Markets on April 20th, and is already available from certain online retailers.

It was our first "after hours" in-studio session, moved to a larger (thank goodness) conference room. She was our first test for this room, so I was really nervous because we hadn't yet used this setup. Our engineer Rocky, had to do some wild rewiring in the building to make the sound go upstairs for recording. V V is also a model, she loves wearing goofy hats and glasses, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Her real name is Vanessa, she admitted using "V V" as a rap name, when she started rapping at 11 years old.

One of my friends: "So, if she's from England, did she sing or talk with an accent?"

Me: "Yeah, she had a soft British accent when she spoke. (imitating 'thank you' in her voice) She just sounded totally soulful when sang, though."

Another friend: "Well, when she sang, her music just became the language."

Well put. Her face is in London on giant billboards, her mom cries about it when she sees them, she is so proud. V V admits to being a country girl, "when I wake up, 'baaaaaah' is the first thing I hear." You can see her totally come alive when she sings on these videos. She's having fun, just watch her video for "Leave." America is just waking up to V V Brown. She sounds a mix of KT Tunstall, Amy Winehouse, and Lily Allen. She's one of the first artists I can think of, who made a point to spend time thanking us profusely for promoting her music, and really meant it. We hope she comes back soon for a club performance. A friend texted me after the interview, "hey is that lady I just heard on the air playing a club tonight?" I answered, "nope." I feel so lucky and thankful she spent time with us, and can't wait until next time!



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