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Roxx's Session Chatter

Serena Ryder, January 20, 2010

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It was a year ago we first had Serena Ryder in town, we were the first radio station she had gone to on that tour. Serena greeted me with a smile and warm hug, shedding her brown leather jacket to pose for this rockin' action photo to put online. She was set to be guest dj with me, sharing some of her favorite songs to listen to by other artists.

Her choices:

"Song For you" Alexi Murdoch (she said this song had touched her like no other)
"She Comes To Me In Dreams" Great Lake Swimmers (recorded in a castle owned by the Singer sewing machine family)
"Lonely In Columbus" Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers (Loves their songwriting)
"Back In Your Head" Tegan and Sara (She loves that they pick weird music and side shows to open up their shows)

Serena feels so genuine to me, and like a friend. We seized the opportunity to be silly and use an old-fashioned bell on the counter as often as possible. Speaking of old-fashioned, she loved the vintage tape holder she found in our studio. It looks 1950's, she kept making oohs and ahs and baby noises while holding it close and saying how she loves vintage things.

Between playing guest dj, she made my day by playing live requests for me.

I love how you can hear the car noise from the connector at the end. Not really. It does prove it's live, though. She said that song was written in the back of Xavier Rudd's tour bus.

Serena was a goofball, I could hang out with her all day. Between songs we talked about anything we wanted. She said she is sick of what's on the radio right now, insincere people just making money and crap songs. She can't wait for that to change, and is also tired of there being some kind of "limit" on how many female artists record labels are supporting at one time, which she swears is only about 4 at once. I told her there used to be a similar rule on radio, places I'd worked didn't want a female dj with another female dj on right after them. They thought the listeners wouldn't be able to tell women apart. "Wtf?" was Serena's reply. "Right, all women are all the same just like all black people are the same...whatever, that's ridiculous."

Every band should look at Serena Ryder's website. It has everything. Videos, photos, music, news, coolness, and much more. You can even upload your OWN content on the site to share with others! I love this idea

One of my favorite songs is an acapella performance of hers, I chose it as one of my 2009 picks for our features. This songs really shows her vocal strength and diversity, it's very passionate and bluesy. She said "I wrote this song sitting on a bar stool waiting for someone, who never showed up."

She was visibly bent out of shape about her guitar cable being wrapped up by someone else since she had used it. Throwing f-bombs left and right off air, she grabbed the velcro cable wrap hanging from the cord in dissaray, saying, "doesn't anyone realize what THESE are for?!"

Our Serena, we love her, and love watching her growth worldwide as she now joins Lilith Fair. She will also likely return to Boise later this spring to FINALLY headline a show, and have a full band. I think on that day, I will buy her flowers...and maybe a vintage roll of tape.

This is the single radio is playing. Record labels very strongly encourage us to play their chosen singles. She admits of air that it's not the single she would have chosen. She prefers "Sweeping the Ashes," but "what can ya do?" she says, and rolls her eyes. She does this song for us after making a lashing whip sound, our little joke about her feeling she has to. Serena, come back soon!

Also, things that make you go "hmmm." The cover song Serena did toward the end of her concert had many people buzzing about what it was, was it hers, where have they heard it before? The very dreamy song with some nice work from the sound board's echoes, was a cover of Jordan Sparks' "No Air." She was smart to grab such a catchy song and make it her own, it's a bonus single on "Is It Okay." Here's Serena's version of "No Air." (A Rhapsody link, allow popups and first 25 listens are free.) It's amazing.

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