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Roxx's Session Chatter

Brandi Carile, January 13, 2010

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What a great way to start out the year. It's always fun for us to have Brandi in, she's one of the most pleasant artists to work with. She was really excited that we used microphones on the guitars instead of D.I.'s, they get a really nice sound. Sometimes we use both, but this was fun as Rocky and I put our heads together for the best setup to use. Brandi has PIPES and is amazingly loud, I really wanted her to stand back from the mic, but sometimes artists get so into theirs songs that they forget. We tried to be sneaky and put a windscreen on the mic to at least give us an inch clearance, but she noticed it right away and asked if she had to keep it on. Rocky and I looked at each other and murmured some things, and we finally talked her into using it on one song, and removing it for the other two. It worked out perfectly.

Oh, and Brandi NEVER messes up, so see what happens about 3 minutes into this song. She sees me grinning to the left and then she grins huge, with a great recovery!


Brandi had a lot of fun warming up "I Will" during sound check. She jokes with her band while we're setting up during this raw recording. This is what it sounds like before remix. Pretty fun.

Now compare it to the SERIOUS version.

 HOW adorable are "The Twins," by the way? So much talent in one room. During the concert, Brandi asked how many people were at the show that had gone before. "Not this damn many people, that's for sure," as she seemed pleased with the crowd. Last time Brandi was here, it was 400 people. This time, ONE THOUSAND.

We can't wait to have her back and see what else she can accomplish in her already amazing 28 years. She spoke of really wanting to cover a Roy Orbison song, we can all imagine how awesome that will be. In concert, she really has fun with covers. People love her Johnny Cash tunes.

The show started out with an acapella tune with her band, having people choking down tears. The albums are great, but there's nothing like getting real personal with acoustic in-studio performances.

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