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Roxx's Session Chatter

Tyrone Wells, November 18, 2009

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 I love it when artists come back AGAIN to play in-studio. In the last week I've gotten wonderful hugs from Serena Ryder and Tyrone Wells. I used to hate hugs, now I love them...and especially from creative people that are so admirable. He said he used to get frustrated in coffee shops when no one seemed to be listening, so he wrote a song mostly to get people's attention. Tyrone Wells-The Hate Song.

Tyrone remembered when I interviewed him last time, he said, "remember when in the interview, you told me my music must be getting big? You said sometime you could gauge the popularity of an upcoming artist by how many YouTube COVERS were on there. I thought about that being really true, and ever since that, I search YouTube once in a while for 'Tyrone Wells covers,' to see how I'm doing!" I was thinking, "really, I said that? He remembers that?!"  Here's the in-studio of Tyrone Wells song More

Tyrone loves the songwriting process more than anything he does, and he was thrilled to record music at Bear Creek Studios in Seattle. It's a remodeled barn, where Clapton, Soundgarden, even Lionel Richie. He'll be releasing an 8-song EP around mid-December. He and his band performed for us Sink or Swim.

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