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Roxx's Session Chatter

Fanfarlo-"Luna" November, 2009

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This band surprised us with many instruments. They had drums, electric bass, guitar, melodica, xylophone, violin, mandolin, and...SAW! They mentioned being compared a bit to Talking Heads, you can hear it vocally and he did remind me a bit of Andrew Bird.

When Tim asked Cathy what it was like being the only female touring with these guys, she said "well actually, I'm the least lady-like member of the band!" She then joked and pointed at the drummer. She plays a hand saw in the song below, a regular saw with a violin bow. When asked how she learned, she said she found everything she needed to know on the internet, and learned how to play in about 2 weeks . They've played at SXSW and toured with Snow Patrol. Their cd is called "Reservoir."

Fanfarlo "I Am Pilot" November, 2009

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