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Roxx's Session Chatter

Mat Kearney October, 2009

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Mat is one of several artists to break the ice with listeners by joking about our Bronco football team, "that blue field, and all that weirdness." His music life is finally becoming more focus, he spoke of having 2 years in a row where he did 250 shows EACH year! He said he hoped to never repeat such a schedule, but at least now has a tour bus instead of a van, and can actually sleep while on tour.

"Closer to Love"

Mat mentioned how hard it is to write dozens of songs and only be able to select a choice few for the newest album.  He admitted that "you do write songs you don't like." He spoke of his strong admiration for Ingrid Michaelson, and hopes he can someday tour with her.

"Nothin' Left to Lose"


Mat's guitarist Tyler Burkum adds some great dynamics to his songwriting, he credits Tyler saying "every poet's a thief." He used a line he heard Tyler say one day after ending a call. "Ya know, Mat...every day is a phone call from being on your knees."


 Tyler Burkum's guitar, the photo is of Tyler and his son. The tech let me snag a photo.


 "All I Have"

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