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Roxx's Session Chatter

Ingrid Michaelson and Allie Moss, October 15, 2009

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 Ok, I have to admit Ingrid seemed different this time. Not quite her normal, jokey, bubbly self. Just watch her expressions on this in-studio video. She doesn't smile much, and shoots Allie a quick look when she forgets a guitar chord. People had nudged me all day to make Ingrid cookies, so I did...and she looked pretty much horrified when she saw what they were. "Oh no, do NOT uncover them if they are ANYTHING sweet or delicious! I can't eat it." She seemed to really freak out about this, and admitted that she has a clothing endorsement coming up. "I have to fit in their clothes," she said. It seems as though within a couple of months, some company is requiring her to be a certain size for some commercials. She did get giddy for a bit when admitting to us off-mic that she is engaged. She didn't want to disappoint any fans and hoped to keep it quiet, but all I can tell you is that she was BLUSHING like crazy. Oh, and she's done a duet recently with GREG LASWELL. Just sayin'.



Get it?

The Knitting Factory show was more amplified than she's been in the past. The drum set sounded kind of electronic to me, and she didn't connect with Allie quite like she used to. Oh hey, Allie Moss  is doing some of her own music on the side, and has awesome t-shirts on her site. It took a few songs into the show, but Ingrid seemed more her comical self, as she made fun of screaming drunk girls who all seem to "scream in the key of E." Ingrid seems closer to going real big, and we were nervous and excited for her arrival. Tim started coffee for her and forgot to put the pot under the machine, and I broke 2 fingernails grabbing cords for them we didn't know they would need. Will Ingrid adjust to these growing pains? Will she have a Hollywood weddin', or get her heart broken to write about in a new album? Only time will tell...

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