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Roxx's Session Chatter

Colbie Callait and Howie Day

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Colbie was another delightful guest in our listener lounge. She did a few vocal exercises and was really chill about chatting with us. This song is a deeper look at Colbie's lyrics.



Colbie actually turned her guitar all the way down, instead of all the way up. With 2 minutes 'til on-air, I grabbed the pink Komen mic because we thought she had a bad cord. Whew! Heil made this special pink microphone to help donate money to the Komen Foundation, they work great and I own one personally but don't usually pull it out for the metal bands in studio on the X!


2 artists in-studio in one hour? Madness! We loved it though. Rocky was gone that day and we usually team up to get these done. I ended up growling some co-workers away from my room because it was stressful chasing tour sound guys away already, and I wanted to HEAR these mixes without distraction. Even as it was, 8 people came into the room while I was mixing and trying to keep my blood pressure down. Insanity. See, I like to pretend I work in a big city, in case I actually do someday. Colbie was amazing though.We would love hearing a lot more from this artist, and can't wait to have Colbie back in studio. She writes some great music.


Howie Day spoke of social networking being something he could do between flights and on the tour bus, said "it's like a hobby."



When asked about Napster and other Peer To Peer networks, Howie mentioned a small town he had played in where no radio stations played his songs, so people downloaded them to hear who he was. He said the concert was packed, so even though they "took" his songs, they paid for the shows and that was alright with him.


Howie wasn't an especially animated interview, for a while he decided to answer evey other question with the word "McDonalds," for some reason. He did however, give us this lovely and intimate performance of a song people are listening to a lot these days...


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