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Roxx's Session Chatter

Tyler Hilton June 1, 2009

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This River artist is a great singer/songwriter/actor. He's been on One Tree Hill, the Johnny Cash movie Walk the Line (where he played Elvis Presley), and Charlie Bartlett. Tyler's bandmates chortled something about NAMBLA while setting up, not to be confused with South Park's National Association of Marlin Brando Look Alikes. They had Googled Boise shooting ranges and were hoping to shoot some targets before going on stage tonight. Their record guy had been some kind of military professional sniper half his life. He had been a sniper in several different wars, and said as a child he was diagnosed as having "moral flexibility." (I'm thinkin'..."sir, can you move away from the door please in case I need to run?") He said he hasn't shot a gun in 20 years. He left Sniperville to work in the record business, and the band joked about his fancy cars and pretty girls around him at all times. He wore a suit that had handkerchief fabric that perfectly matched the fabric of his shirt.

Tyler Hilton's music is great stuff. We're playing his single Tore the Line, and getting many calls on it. "Better on Beachwood" is Tyler's current EP, and look for a full release this fall.

Even been left or walked out on? You might enjoy this tune. Here is Don't Forget All Your Clothes.

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