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Roxx's Session Chatter

Scott Weiland May 16, 2009

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One of our sister stations had Scott Weiland in to perform. Much like the previous STP show in Boise, the band was over an hour late. The stage manager was possibly THE most difficult person any of us had ever worked with. He made demands that were unrealistic, while at the same time being a little rude to our engineer and staff. Sometimes bands think they're coming into a full recording studio, not a conference room. Their "unplugged" performance included an electric bass and demands for headphones all around. A friend of mine who teaches music at BSU joked with me recently, "bands these days seem to think that playing unplugged, just means sitting down!" The band seemed used to covering for Scott Weiland and didn't make him come in to sound check with the group until the last minute. They were particular about many details, including the height of everyone's chairs. Winners waited outside for all of this to pass so they could finally come in. Scott Weiland seemed a frail man compared to the past. The pictures say a lot.


                           FROM VH1


                                      TO, UMMM....


He spoke candidly about his drug and alcohol demons. He seemed to have a hard time tracking questions from the dj, stuttered and talked in circles quite a bit. He said he's going through a divorce, and his brother just died.

Here is part of the Scott Weiland Acoustic Rider asked of our stations to provide:

1 box of Throat Coat tea

1 Tea kettle (IMPORTANT!)

1 jar honey

2 fresh lemons

2 ripe bananas

12 bottles of room temperature spring water

4 bottles of Gatorade original flavor

4 regular Red Bulls

1 half gallon of apple juice

1 small bottle apple cider vinegar

1 small bottle cayenne pepper (is SOMEONE on the Master Cleanse?)

1 blender (IMPORTANT!)

(and my favorite)

6 BLACK hand towels for stage 1/2 hour before show.

Keep in mind, these were things requested for an unplugged conference room show. We provided all that we could, even though Mr. Stage Manager was very disappointed in us, ("What?! NO REVERB?!!! She is killing me.")  we grabbed a pretty darned good recording of Interstate Love Song. If you missed the Boise show, you'll actually be able to order a recording of him at the Knitting Factory through this link. Luckily, I did not base my judgment on Scott Weiland on the behavior of the stage guy, because when I asked for a photo with Scott, he took his sunglasses off, made eye contact while shaking hands so gently and very genuinly thanked me. In just that few seconds I could feel this guy's struggles, talent, and huge heart. I walked away with respect and compassion for him, hoping so much he can keep himself alive and be healed and happy...but I worry.

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