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Roxx's Session Chatter

Paulo Nutini April 24, 2009

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Paulo and his very large band waited patiently as we sound checked Serena. The hallways were buzzing with excitement, then...STRESS as the band found out their hotel guy had locked all of their equipment in the van and they did not have the key. Somebody yelled "does anybody here know how to break into a van?" I yelled for them to get Rocky. Rocky is one of our engineers, but also a friend I've had for I can't tell you how many years. This guy can figure out anything. He's taught me how to wire stuff over the years, he is the fixer of all broken headphones, more than once has taught me how to get my car running, and he is a computer and phone line wizard. I want to take a moment to acknowledge his help and experience. He does amazing work on The History of Idaho Broadcasting Foundation, and has amazing historical radio audio clips on the Radio Engineer Exchange page. I remember when Rocky would teach me about RF energy, we'd sneak close enough to certain equipment that a flourescent light bulb would light itself in your hands! I'm telling you, that was SO exciting, but I digress...Rocky had the window off the van within 5 minutes and Paolo was ready to go. Rocky and Rick help make these things happen, we would be nowhere without the great minds of engineers. So, Paulo did look a little scruffy. "Sorry I look like I came out the trash, I lost my suitcase in L.A." he announced in a very thick Scottish accent. As time went on, the band became more and more giddy and seemed to laugh at everything happening inside and out of the interview. Here is his song Pencil Full of Lead. This was done with tons of musicians smashed into an area the size of a king-sized bed in our conference room. It was a much different sound than the New Shoes style of Paolo. Harmonica and trumpet added great features to this swing jazz song. I have to tell you that during the recording of this session, the computer I was recording everything onto decided to REBOOT. Yes, reboot. Shutting down and restarting, I watch its welcome screen load and say something like "F**k ME!," (See Serena, below) because this is one of our favorite sessions of the year. Luckily my gut told me to back this baby up, so the session is recording on the main production computer but much harder to edit. I'm still hoping to revive some priceless sound check files that Pro Tools seems to have eaten, but if I find them they will be posted. Here is the in-studio version of Paolo's ,current single Candy. He also did a Richard Thompson cover, which was awesome but he kept shuffling the paper around near the mic and fidgeting. The song is called Bees Wings. 

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