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Roxx's Session Chatter

Serena Ryder April 24, 2009

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The last time Serena was in town, she didn't have any Boise shows scheduled, except for her River in-studio performance. This time she came in to open for Paulo Nutini. We just love her, she is one of the most real and personable artists we've met. She is all smiles and remembers us. While grabbing some lunch Qdoba has provided, she chatted with me about a few things including how great something is she's found on YouTube. She and her band are giggling about watching something from the "shreds" series. Maybe you are familiar with this, but I was not and they were cracking up imitating what they had watched earlier in the day. "Just do a search for 'Creed shreds' and watch anything you find!" The "Shreds" series has parodies of your favorite groups like The Killers, Steve Vai, Santana, many others...but be warned you might want to use your headphones at work because it's not all PG-rated. They are quite funny. She kept commenting about how early it was even though it was noon, and when I asked how late she'd been up she said until 2 or 3 am. I said something brilliant like, "that's not TOO bad." During sound check, Serena's voice just isn't warming up the way she'd like even though she's gulping hot tea and doing vocal exercises. She did panic a little when her voice couldn't quite hit some high notes in Little Bit of Red. "F**k ME!!!" she screamed and looked nervously at me through the production window. Someone suggested they tune their guitars down, so she did and was thankful for the idea. Here is her song Sweeping the Ashes.   You'll notice she is singing a little lower than normal. Serena is always a delightful interview, genuine and kind. She spoke of collaberating with a group called Great Lake Swimmers. Winner of a Juno award, she really is All That and an amazing artist, yet still seems humble. She kept giving me glances during her musical performances, as if to ask "Hey, am I doing ok?" When artists do that, I try to smile and rock out to what they are playing and help them feel comfortable. We can not wait for Serena's return next time, it will be interesting to see where her career goes. Here is her in-studio performance of All For Love..

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