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Roxx's Session Chatter

Brandi Carlile April 20, 2009

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Brandi Carlile last chatted with us on her tour opening for Sheryl Crow, as listed below. She promised she would come back and chat with us, and she did keep her promise. She brought some band members, including the amazing twins Tim and Phil Hanseroth, who are former members of the Fighting Machinists. Tim plays guitar, and Phil plays bass. In studio, the band was very friendly. I admit there was a little scrapping between the sound and stage guys and myself, as we were seconds from going on-air and people kept trying to get into the production room where I mix these things. I will be the first to admit, sometimes I am not pleasant when this happens.

 blushfacepic We get one shot to mix things right, and any distraction of someone talking can result in missing a lead break or eye contact with someone singing. Brandi was awesome, but some friends and I did notice a different energy than when she was here last. She seemed a bit tired and worn down from touring, not full of the excitement she had months ago with Sheryl Crow. Still, her performances were stellar.She mentioned how they all take fishing poles everywhere on the tour, and how she loves her Lucky Charms and Tempur-Pedic mattress. "I'm an old person trapped in a young person's body," she said.  She did an in-studio new song called Feet Touch the Ground. She also did for us her song The Story, which gave us all goosebumps. My favorite part about the in-studio version, is toward the end where she is quiet and then busts loose, you know the part...she turns to make eye contact with me. With mischief in her eyes and a slight smile, I realizes she needs to know that I know what part is coming up. I smile and nod my head, as she busts into that scream that shakes the world, the one we all know from The Story. Her giving me this warning let me turn her vocal down 50% so it wasn't distorted. Thank you, Brandi! The actual concert was no less than magical. Dressed in her Boy Scout shirt, she did "that thing that bands do" lately, where there was a completely unplugged performance and people had to hush to hear it. Their acoustic performance alone, made the entire show worthwhile. Brandi spoke of her love for Elton John and recent collaboration, and has been known to say that Elton John was her "gateway drug into rock and roll." She was ecstatic that Elton recently dedicated "Tiny Dancer" to her in concert. Brandi's show ended with her version of John Lennon's Imagine. No one seemed to leave the show early, and everyone walked out amazed and smiling. Here is her song Downpour.

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