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Roxx's Session Chatter

Brett Dennen March 17, 2009

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Brett was another interesting artist, who seemed extremely quiet. He kept to himself, even as the River listeners came into the room after sound check. He made little eye contact with any of them, and a couple of us wondered how this interview was going to go??? Once the door closed and on-air light went on, so did Brett Dennen. Before the interviews, Tim always asks this question: "Is there anything you specifically DON'T want to talk about?" Brett was the only artist I've seen so far that didn't say "no." He seemed nervous and awkward, talked in circles a while, and said "yes, I mean... don't talk about anything, you know...OBVIOUS." Tim paused and just answered, "ok." A co-worker and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows in the booth. I asked "what the &*$! does that mean?" The interview went well and we learned that Brett Dennen is into some very cool environmental and non-profit groups such as The Mosaic Project. His newest album (he has 3) is Hope for the Hopeless. Hear his song Crazy, performed in-studio.

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