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Roxx's Session Chatter

TYRONE WELLS, February 10, 2009

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Spokane native Tyrone Wells, who is super TALL, made his return to Boise to play at the Reef. He stopped by the River studio with his band. They had driven over a mountain pass from Spokane in a snowstorm, and luckily their sound man knew how to put chains on the van and trailer. The drummer said he watched a big chunk of ice fall from the hitch, saying "cool." Then another chunk of ice fell, along with a metal hook. He said "not cool." They patched things together well enough to make it to Boise, but joked about needing a welder to repair it before they left. During the interview, we did a shout out for them and a nice listener named Mark, came through with his mobile welding service. (We use radio for the power of good, not evil. Yay!) Tyrone's latest cd is called "Remain." He's working with a producer now that has done projects with Snow Patrol, KT Tunstall, and Jason Mraz. The band performed songs from this new album, including "More," you may have heard as the theme song for the "Intervention" tv show. Let's face it, Tyrone Wells is just on the cusp of being too big to talk to us. We also coaxed him into yodeling! After the interview, we learned of his secret love for birds, and he cannot pass up a bird t-shirt without buying one. The drummer, who was a sweet and awesome spokesperson, told a backstage story of touring with Meiko. (See below) He said she is just as funny off-stage as on. He was in their bathroom and she screamed, "Hey, are you in there peeing? 'Cuz I have to poo!" He thought it hilarious, although perhaps TMI.

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