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Roxx's Session Chatter

SERENA RYDER, February 3rd, 2009

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This Canadian singer/songwriter was a very pleasant surprise in the River studio. Serena was between shows, but stopped by for an interview for Lunch in the Library. This is the first band EVER, to be 30 minutes early for their performance! It gave us much time to be casual and chat, she listened closely to our music and said she'd never heard of Augustana. She smiled when she saw our Sara Bareilles poster, saying "hey, I toured with Sara!" She played a special Australian acoustic scaled down guitar called a "Matin." Before going on-air, we joked about people's "radio voices," and how dj's will sometimes speak normally until the mic is on and then somehow create a false voice. Serena said she hated that part, and they always give her a cheesy, caring smile and say, "how ARE you, Serena?" She mentioned that she is not allowed to have anything she could "kill" while on this tour, and that included puppies, plants, and relationships. She humored me with a request of her amazing acapella song, Melancholy Blues.

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