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Roxx's Session Chatter

JJ Grey - September 24th, 2008

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This River artist comes to us from Jacksonville, Florida and is closing out the final performance of Alive After Five at the Grove. He plays with his group Mofro. I love mixing people from the south, he was very polite and softspoken. During his first song he looked over at me with the most gentle smile as if to make sure he was the right distance from the mic, I nodded and smiled at him through the production window. He had some interesting quotes for us in the Hollingshead Eye Center Listener Lounge during Tim's interview.

"The land makes the music of where you're from. I can see how this land inspires so many cowboy songs."

"Some people don't tell no story. In the south, you can't shut nobody up! Music is always about fussin' and fightin', men fussin' about women, women fussin' about men..."

"Jerry Reed is a big influence. Jerry Reed can out-act Burt Reynolds."

When I was a kid, you couldn't wait to be grown. Now, kids live in their parents' house until they're 30 years old!"

Regarding "the importance of tones," JJ spoke about how progress has taken its toll on music. He played a couple of great lives tracks on his sunburst Gibson acoustic guitar.

Here is the sweet, bluesy voice of JJ Grey, live in-studio.

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