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Roxx's Session Chatter

Tristan Prettyman - September 10th, 2008

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Tristan gave us some wonderful in-studio songs this day. I felt spoiled as she let me pick something old, and something new.

With her song "Hello," she told us this is what she had wanted the whole record to sound like, but she got a little sidetracked. Listen here to her in-studio version of "Hello."

During the commercial break, she told me she'd had a great time in Portland and was able to watch one of her favorite new bands, The Fleet Foxes. They are a Sub Pop group out of Seattle, she was so excited about them. "Have you HEARD them yet?!"

She went on to admire my glass rainbow ring, saying she had one similar that was one of her favorites. Her favorite color in her ring was turquoise.

When Tristan comes to visit us, it's like seeing an old friend.  She's the only artist that comes to mind who makes sure to give me a hug before she leaves.

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