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Roxx's Session Chatter

David Ford

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David Ford was very quiet and polite, fighting a cold that it sounds like he may be sharing with Augustana. (This is why it's scary to share microphones.) David settled in with his tweed hat and chewed on a toothpick during the interview. His new release is "Songs for the Road." As far as songwriting, he seemed irritated at current pop music and said he likes to write about bigger subject matters, fashion & music don't belong together. "Music should be a soundtrack to your life rather than something that happens in the background." His song "Go to Hell" was renamed "My Sweet Decision" by his record label, not his decision.  Here he is performing "I Don't Care What You Call Me."

At a pub near the show venue, a worker didn't know who I was and saw my concert ticket. He said "I was listening to 94.9 The River today, and I heard this David Ford guy performing. I thought it was a cd but he was right there in the studio! He was amazing, reminded me of Damien Rice. I was really upset I had to work tonight because I wanted to see him."

Augustana (officially pronounced "August-ANNA," by the band-don't anyone tell Gary he was right) didn't tell many stories between songs, and actually forgot words at one point. Vocalist Dan Layus apologized, saying it was no excuse or anything, but the entire band was sick, fighting fevers and literally trying not to throw up on stage. It was a packed house and great show, the band only had one encore in them as they crawled off stage to get some rest.

The first time this band came in for an interview, it became a running joke that they were "The Stinky Band." We get tons of groups coming through with all the stations in our building, but I'm telling you...Augustana years ago stands out in my mind as having the worst body odor ever! I was barely able to get through the interview. The last 2 times Augustana was scheduled to play Boise, their bus broke down and they missed their interviews. We're starting to wonder if we should take it personally?

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