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Roxx's Session Chatter

Jamie Scott of Graffiti6

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Today’s Blue Moon Listener Lounge brought us the return of Jamie Scott of Graffiti6!

We feel so honored that Boise was the very first stop on his press tour. Jamie had just flown over from England the night before, and made it to town just before noon to sound check. He seemed a bit tired and nervous. Jamie holds a special spot in our hearts, and we wanted him to feel comfortable and loved. This is a brand new song he was able to share with us.

The new album is called “Hurricane.” It is Jamie’s second solo release. Jamie has written songs for One Direction, Christina Perry, and Enrique Iglesias. He has the sweetest voice, and is really one of the best finger-picking guitarists I’ve seen. At our session, one of his guitars had some component problems that caused him some frustration, but the other guitar was played for the first time ever, in our studio.

This is Jamie’s favorite Graffiti6 song.

This portion of the Listener Lounge is brought to you by…the drunken sailor. This session brought us a tiny bit of interference from a member of road crew. My theory as previously stated is… if I can’t be altered during a session, other people shouldn’t be doing so and directing sound, either. It’s just not fair! How far would we get if I got all “Jack Sparrow” all the time? Replace “sound man” for sailor, and enjoy this song going through my head.

ER-lie in the mornin'. This sailor with flammable breath eventually wandered into my boss’s office/captain’s chair. In the distraction, a button was left up on my console that usually is muted. So…during THE most precious moment and song by Jamie, I hear this. “BINK bonk!” A Facebook message notification. Really. One second of personal hell. I start scanning every button in sight and find the culprit, muttering words that fortunately can’t leave the sound-proof production room. Curses, drunken sailor! So, mortified and with tail between my legs, I go in after the session and request a re-do. I recognize the horror on Tim’s face as I ask this, it’s a rarity. I know Jamie is tired and has somewhere to go, but this song is too beautiful to not show its perfection. He kindly granted my request, and I am grateful.

This song needed to be heard and captured forever.

TONIGHT at 6pm, get to The Record Exchange for Old 97’s…and free beer! What a magical week of music.

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