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The Devil Makes Three at The Record Exchange

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This is what brought hundreds of people out in 20 degree weather and the inversion, for a SOLD OUT show!

The Devil Makes Three made time for a quick acoustic set at The Record Exchange. The crowd gathered in the store, and I heard some people say how much they love the Record Exchange performances because they can bring their kids!

After the show they signed cd’s and posters. The Record Exchange had received a shipment of posters, but they showed up waterlogged, so only a few were available. People pulled what they could find off the doors.

This Santa Cruz group consists of guitarist Pete Bernhard, amazing upright bassist Lucia Turino, and guitarist and banjo player Cooper McBean. Cooper has cool tats and a great name.

In 20 degree weather, we waited 30 minutes in line an hour after the doors had opened. People were being searched, a guy near me with a chain wallet was told he won’t be allowed in with his chain. My friend asked me if we were in line for the right show. Security for some reason was extra tight for an americana/folk/country/bluegrass show, but all you could see inside was smiles and silly dances. Lots of hopping, and great people watching!

The band was a bit rattled after having the bass volume adjusted, and forgot some words. The singer asked his band mates for the first line, all was silent. He jokes how they’ve done this song 10 years, and no one knows the line? Someone speaks up from the audience, and all is well. You can see it all, right here!

You can get several releases fromThe Devil Makes Three, their latest release is “I’m a Stranger Here.” You can even get it on vinyl, with great artwork!

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