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Roxx's Session Chatter


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Spontaneity today, took me to visit the Wienermobile. It was the toss of a coin if I grab the 5 minutes of sunshine to continue painting the house, or visit the legendary wagon. As one of my Facebook friends said, “DUH.”

Mike was very accommodating in giving me a tour. Many wiener jokes happen before, during, and after our visit. Wiener, is spelled with an “I.” To remember this spelling, I have always reminded myself of the theme song. “I” wish “I” were an Oscar Meyer Wiener. The number 1 Urban Dictionary definition goes like this:

1. wiener

the proper spelling of "weiner"... morons.

I meant to sneak in and change their radio station to 94.9, but the Wiener wasn’t running. I wonder if they argue over music. Why didn’t I think to ask that?

My job is fun, but now I know the answer to the question people sometimes ask me. “What would you do if you couldn’t be on the radio?” My first answer would be to maybe be a tour guide and/or driver for Ducks of Seattle in their WWII amphibious landing craft, but this one is a close second. One dares to dream!

They have such a fun time, they even sign their correspondence, “with relish,” and “with mustard.” The biggest thing I've driven is a Penske truck with a car on a trailer, from NC to ID. One of my friends won't let you eat corn nuts on road trips because of the smell. What would this job be like?

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Nampa, ID

W at 7 mph

94.9 FM The River